Content is King

Our presence on the web is super important from the way our site looks to the user experience it all plays a big part of whether you get traffic and more importantly repeat traffic. Having good products or offering a service that is phenomenal is only half the job. Managing a website is not for the faint of heart it takes a lot of work and a lot of time. I like to say that your site is a living breathing thing and anything living it needs to be fed the right things to grow. Your content is that food. Having enough content is the key. You may ask how much content is enough? The answer is there never is enough. Now that doesn’t mean create 10 paragraph pages on your site for a product or service. What it means that having content that relates to your product or service strategically and specifically placed is important.

So often I get clients who have never thought about simple content concepts of there product. For instance if you are selling apparel besides having just basic name information a description of what that product is made of or why someone should buy yours will do wonders for your site’s chances of visibility. The internet is based on UPDATED CONTENT,POPULARITY, QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS and RELEVANCY if you can get people to talk about your content online and associate with other businesses coupled with relevant product descriptions and keeping your content fresh and up to date you can compete in the game.

Be sure to think about these 3 things before you begin writing

  • Define the purpose of the page
  • Understand who your target audience is
  • Know your competitors

Your about page is a great place to start. Use this page to tell the story of your brand and expound on again why your product or service is best no need to be humble this your baby and you must brag about it if you are going to grab the attention of the public. Remember you are competing for the eyes of millions of people with a million other businesses. Start a blog about your product as well as relevant products with the field in which you are in. When writing . Remember to talk in layman’s terms for the common user don ‘t confuse them with a whole lot of industry jargon. If all else fails HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!. Your brand is worth it … CONTENT IS KING.




Begin Anywhere

I grew up in a big family in Brooklyn NY back in the 70’s maybe that’s what I was running from. Anyway as I got

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10 minute rule


One of the biggest stumbling blocks that small and medium businesses face is understanding the tools that we have available to us . We have tendency to want to compete with the big boys and not know that there things that exist that will help us compete with the big boys. Thais where somersetting like the 10 MINUTE RULE comes into play. Social Media sites like Twitter Facebook and Instagram only reacts to the information that we add to it. Essentially its kind of a social experiment. These sites create no content we feed the content to the sites and then they measure our reaction to that content we post. Basically the “ALGORITHM” is us the study of us .

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what not to do when thinking of a logo


 As a designer I get crazy design idea request for logos, brochures, menus, websites etc. It’s understandable because the public is not necessarily aware of the best design practices which why I was hired in the first place. Most of my clients are great and understand that my job is to take their vision and bring it to life.

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how much is your busienss worth

How much is your BRAND worth?

How much is your brand worth? One of the challenges I face as a designer that works independent of a larger firm is that I am dealing small to medium level business owners who do not have the capital of the big boys. That being said a lot of them are on budgets.

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