How much is your BRAND worth?

How much is your BRAND worth? Really how much. One of the challenges I face as a designer that works independent of a larger firm is that I am dealing small to medium level business owners who do not have the capital of the big boys. That being said a lot of them are on budgets. Now any business should have things budgeted based on what is a need and what is a goal. With understanding that you will have clearly define what is NEEDED TO GET TO THE GOAL. Your web presence should be a priority especially since over the last 2 years the world has changed so dramatically. Small business can no longer afford to not have a web presence and that web presence has to truly represent your brand accordingly. Understanding this is vital.

How do I view my business among the sea of other businesses? Ask yourself these questions because how you view your business others will view it the same. If you cut corners on your website it only shows how valuable you believe your product is and your customer will view it the same. Since I focus primarily on minority owned small and medium business I run into a lot of business that don’t see the services I offer as priority. They will not see the importance of having professional pictures for their product done. If you cant afford a professional photographer YOUTUBE and GOOGLE are your best resources for help taking better pictures. This is just one example how you value your business. Do not fool yourself into believing that you have to spend a ton of money in order to get results there are designers out there like myself that truly love what we do and will offer competitive and comparable services. Do your research get references set a realistic budget and find a designer that sees your vision and offers the services needed at the rate it is within your budget.

Any designer who offers his or her web design services for $40 to $50 more than likely doesn’t value their time enough to put any effort into your brand or does not truly know the work involved to get desired results for your vision. Design is not done in a vacuum next day services on logos will more than likely render horrible design and even worst wasted money. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. My job as a designer is to ask the right questions and provide the right solutions. Ask yourself do I want it done fast or do I want it done right? The answer will let you know how much you value your brand.





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