Katy Kaboom Sweetshop Website

Katy Kaboom Sweetshop website is a baker that specializes in infused treats . We wanted to create soething that was old school looking  and easy to navigate. The colors are soft but fun.

Mwasi Global Community Website

The Mwasi Global Community website is part of the T. Barnes brand .  We have worked on all othe companies websites and some of thier marketing material in the past. We wanted to make sure we keep in line with the overall look of the brand.

T Barnes Global LifeStyle

The T.barnes Global Lifestyle website is pecial to me . It part of a overall brand that started over 10 years ago and I have worked on it since its inception. T. Barnes has been building her lifestyle brand for over 10 years  and she has trusted me to be her main designer developer and for that I am forever grateful. We wanted to create something that was warm and inviting and made you feel relaxed. So the colors brown and orange were chosen represent the brand. Launch Site

B.K. Bully Website

B.K. Bully an website I built for an apparel company based in NEW YORK CITY. The idea was to give the brand a look that would be clean and young and fun. I antd to make sure that over all the site worked and very user friendly. ….LAUNCH SITE

Legaci Events Center

The Legaci Events Center website was built for a rental space. The client wanted to be able to take bookings online for the various events that her clients may need to have there. Thry esnted something elegant and light that would convey the events that they would host there LAUNCH SITE

legaci events center website



Brooklyn Cougars Website

Brooklyn Cougars website was a site that I loved working on because I could design from that perspective of a young boy because I once was one. 90% of the sites that I build are from the perspective of women or within a more feminine field. I was happy to build from a male perspective… Thank you for trusting me with your vision … I am always humbled and Blessed to love what I do LAUNCH SITE

Mane & Roses Website

This is a website that was created for Hairstylist in New York Mane and Roses. I wanted to make something that was soft and pretty to reflect the clients style and shop. LAUNCH WEBSITE: http://www.maneandroses.com


A website redesign that I did for a company Based in NYC called the NYSOM group . They were a non for profit that offered support for inner city youth that didnt have access to many items .

BTQ website mockup

This was a designed that I mocked up for a redesign I did for a publishing house I used to work at called Analysts In Media in the financial district. The organization sold advertising space and articles to businesses in the Pharmacy and Healthcare fields as well as the Technology fields.

Miamor Boutiques

I really loved working on this site … it challenged me to make something that was minimal sexy and appealing …. I think I achieved that what do you think?
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