Bloomfield Group Logo

Logo for an real estate  company I chose red whit and blue because I wanted to invoke a feeling of ownership as an the american right of everyone looking at it

Moonlight Media logo

The client came up with the concept of the logo for thier movie and video company I just provided the execution


Sometimes I am asked to refresh a company’s logo . I always approach the design with the 3 things in mind


1. How long has the company been around.

2. How strong is there current brand

3. Does the logo need to be totally revamped

The reason for all of this is to see if i can improve on the logo or do i need to revamp the logo. In this case i didn’t feel I needed to give them a new logo all together i felt like the original was off to a good start and that i could just add more color and a stronger font.

Smooth R&B logo

Florida Kitchen logo

This was a logo I did for a restaurant in Florida….. unfortunately the client never used it but I like how it came out may use it for someone else in the future

Dawes Development logo

Enjoyed this one also . I created this for a realtor … simple clean and effective

Port Chester Action Party

My first political logo ….. I enjoyed making this ….. I had to do extensive research to come up with something that was clean and simple. I like it because it represented the movement which was based on community

A2 Enterprises logo

This was a logo I created for a carpenters company called A2 Enterprises

Inspired Connections

Logo i did for a mental health provider …. I loved the colors of this logo #inspiredconections #logodesign#graphicdesigner #mentalhealth#lifecoatch

D&D Locksmiths

This waa a mock up for a client that eventually decised not to move forward with the company …. I”be always likes this logo for its simplicity and directness … May use it somewhere down the line if some else is interested in it.. #logodesinger #locksmith#smallbusiness #entrepreneurship#logoneeded #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #webdesigner#mrkitching #mrkitchingdesign