Why I don’t offer discounted pricing for services

Some 10 years ago when I started doing web design and logo I was very new and wet behind the ears to this business . I wanted to work on every project that came across my screen. If you was in need of a website I wanted to do it. If you were in need of a logo I was on it . After a while I found myself getting better learning new skills but earning enough to sustain the business or myself. I had locked myself into thinking that if I raised my prices people wouldn’t pay for my services. I remember explaining to a friend of mines about the problem and his response changed my life “YOUR ASKING PRICE IS BASED ON WHAT YOU FEEL YOUR SERVICES ARE WORTH THEREORE YOU GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR”. I realized at that point that I needed to raise my prices. I learned new things I worked faster than I did when I first began and discovered tips and tricks in the industry that made the workflow more efficient.

I understood that the clients that I wanted to deal with did not live in the lower price point that I had previously offered. My new clients understood and knew the value of my services just as much if not more than me. I had realized that these same clients knew the value of their brand as well and would pay for quality services and work. They wanted to hold someone accountable for the work that they needed done and sometimes that comes at a premium. When I begin to get that knew client I had noticed that the clients in my lower price bracket would love to haggle and expect to get more for a lesser price. I started to understand that not all money is good money and that the same people that would want to get discounted prices from me would pay full price for brands like NIKE , GUCCI etc. They would never walk into MACY’S and ask for a discount why didn’t I deserve the same respect? They didnt respect my brand because I did not respect my brand, This is why I don’t offer discounted prices for services … and you shouldn’t either. Respect your brand and ask yourself how much is your brand worth.





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