Begin Anywhere

I grew up in a big family in Brooklyn NY back in the 70’s maybe that’s what I was running from. Anyway as I got older art and music became an important piece in my life. I loved both equally. While I was doing one thing I dreamed about the other. Both saved me from the noise in my life.

Fast forward to the 90’s the internet was all the rage …. the combination of of site and sounds where possible? T.V. seemed too cluttered so I wasn’t interested in getting into t.v but this new thing the INTERNET now that was exciting. I remember getting my first computer in 1993 never took a class on web design or graphic design but I knew I wanted to do it. I knew that I wanted to be part of this. Dreamed of building my first website did it. It wasn’t ground breaking or even good for that matter the only thing that mattered was I did it.

The interesting thing was I did it again but for other people. Not even for myself I was happy working on other peoples dreams and made excuses for mines. Until one day I was talking with a friend and I remember telling him that I needed to build a website to show off my portfolio of work. He asked “well why haven’t you … You have built many for everyone else but never for yourself why not?” My response …. “I cant afford the cost of the hosting” . The look on his face was timeless. His response … “ How are you charging people to build websites and have 9-5 but not enough to invest in self? Seems to me your hustling backwards? You may wanna rethink this web design thing.” That conversation stuck with me for the rest of my life. I knew that I had to just BEGIN INVESTING IN ME . That’s all BEGIN ANYWHERE. You may want to start at a certain place but you must start period … no excuses. BEGIN ANYWHERE. BEGIN INVESTING IN YOU… JUST BEGIN.



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    Content is King

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    How much is your BRAND worth?

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