The Kitching is a full creative agency. We pride ourselves on offering quality work to small to midsize businesses companies with budgets that are not quite on the level of some of their competitors. We also love to work with minority owned businesses like women owned , black owned and many others. 



Creating a unique user experience with great functionality is key to a great website. We offer website design that ensures cross platform capability, basic S.E.O. with every website we build.


From business marketing materials to book covers to fliers design. We offer quality work for you business. We also create creae content for your social media outlets. Our designs will bring your visions to life.


Every small business or mid size business needs a solid identity. We create logos for all businesses. Your logo should be simple creative and effective and we do just that.



  • Why I don’t offer discounted pricing for services

    Why I don’t offer discounted pricing for services

    Some 10 years ago when I started doing web design and logo I was very new and wet behind the ears to this business . I wanted to work on every project that came across my screen. If you was in need of a website I wanted to do it.Read More »
  • Welcome to The Dark Web

    Welcome to The Dark Web

    I have been in the graphic design business for over 10 years held various positions at companies from webmaster to content creator for companies rangingRead More »
  • Choosing the right domain for your business

    Choosing the right domain for your business

    Choosing the right domain name for your business website can be just as hard as choosing a name of your first born . Your first born can legally change its name when it matures but as your business matures it will be harder and more expensive to change your branding.... …Read More »
  • Content is King

    Content is King

    CONTENT IS KING ! Our presence on the web is super important from the way our site looks to the eser experience it all plays a big part of whether you get traffic and more importantly repeat traffic.Read More »
  • How much is your BRAND worth?

    How much is your BRAND worth?

    How much is your brand worth? One of the challenges I face as a designer that works independent of a larger firm is that I am dealing small to medium level business owners who do not have the capital of the big boys. That being said a lot of them …Read More »