One of the biggest stumbling blocks that small and medium businesses face is understanding the tools that we have available to us . We have tendency to want to compete with the big boys and not know that there things that exist that will help us compete with the big boys. Thais where somersetting like the 20 MINUTE RULE comes into play. Social Media sites like Twitter Facebook and Instagram only reacts to the information that we add to it. Essentially its kind of a social experiment. These sites create no content we feed the content to the sites and then they measure our reaction to that content we post. Basically the
“ALGORITHM” is us the study of us .

With that being said the 20 MINUTE RULE takes the component of interaction and simplify it. Before you post any content on your social media  Spend  20 MINUTES commenting on others content. This breaks down to a simple thing of PEOPLE LOVE TO TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES AND THE THINGS THEY ARE INTERESTED IN one of the basic things that I learned in a networking class  years ago . Essentially these “SOCIAL”  sites want you to be social… they need the connectivity and the interaction to thrive. Commenting on others content will assure  that your content will be seen because of how active you have been with others.

For the most part i’m an introvert but this new social media world makes that a little bit less painful.

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