My name is Obafemi Kitching a graphic and web designer. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York have recently moved to Delaware. I specialize in html5, css, and wordpress. I have clients in Philadelphia, Connecticut, Arizona and some as far as California

My story is pretty much like every other kid that grew up in New York during the 70’s and early 80’s: Saturday morning cartoons, fire hydrants in the summer, bowls of sugar laced cereals, hip hop music and graffiti was what excited me. All of those things including the city itself have influenced my work and life permanently.

I started getting serious about art and my craft when I was accepted into Art & Design High School back when it was on the corner of 53rd St and 3rd ave in Manhattan. After graduating from Art & Design I enrolled in Pratt Institute where I studied Visual Communications (yes that’s what they called it then).

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